Press Release

ZA Amsterdam

The Cultivated Blend of Passion and Tradition

A new vision in international dining that takes guests on a modern journey through the Mediterranean

A journey that started with great passion and life-long tradition. ZA Amsterdam adds a modern-day twist in its new restaurant and destination cocktail bar. Pure ingredients, authentic recipes, and an extensive collection of cocktails and wines are part of the newest addition to the upcoming and trendy Houthavens district. ZA serves the honest flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine through the top-secret recipe created by the craftsmanship of the best pizzaiolos from Rome – where it all began.

The Design
For ZA, a myriad of materials was sourced by Jacco van Wengerden Atelier & Design Studio to create the restaurant, bar, and private ‘art room’. The Emperador marble table tops, brushed brass details, turquoise-inspired fabrics, warm oak wood panelling, and custom-made state of the art furniture breathes sophistication and elegance. The talented artist Livingstone Rijff is the mastermind behind the elegant visuals of ZA.

The Craftmanship
Growing up in a Southern Italian family, Francolini – co-founder of ZA Amsterdam – was bound to develop a great passion for food. The perfect dough is the base of the Mediterranean cuisine - he knew because of his cherished childhood memories of fresh baked pizza and his mother’s homemade pasta. In his own restaurant he started blending and perfecting his technique to create his own recipe. The result was a very special dough with traditional flavours and an exceptionally light texture. The unique blend of ingredients became the essence of his recipes. The delicate crispiness is what make this dough a favourable component for every moment of the day. Now, Francolini brings his recipe across the borders of Italy for the very first time while adding an international twist.

The Cuisine
The traditional recipe of Stefano Francolini acquires a modern-day twist in the experienced hands of ZA’s Head Chef Vincent Foppen – a young and accomplished chef. His impressive international resume features prestigious names such as Eleven Madison Park in NYC, Lysverket in Norway, luxurious Dutch restaurant De Echoput, and now; ZA Amsterdam. While the food is inspired by Mediterranean tradition; they are true world travellers at heart. Foppen translates the contemporary sense of ZA into dishes that are both authentic and astonishing.

The Cocktail Bar
At ZA, it is all about the journey. Through the elevated signature cocktail and wine menu, guests embark on an enticing trip through the Mediterranean. The wine menu was designed to take you on an effervescent experience along the coast of the Mediterranean – from unique wines of Croatia and Greece to the classic, complex flavours of Spain and Italy. The cocktail menu is inspired by the four main influencers of the Mediterranean cuisine; Italy with its well-known aperitivo culture, Greece with its authentic spirits and unique terroir, Morocco with its beautiful variety of spices and herbs, and Spain with their input in the grape spirit production which highly influences the bartending scene worldwide. With a menu consisting of 12 signature cocktails, Vitaly Alekseyev and Sergej Platonov, the masterminds behind the bar concept, plan to take their guests on a mesmerising journey.   

Today, ZA Amsterdam opened the doors of its impressive brass corner building for an international-Mediterranean journey full of passion, tradition and authentic flavours.