Restaurant supervisor

Job brief
We are looking for a detail-oriented, reliable restaurant supervisor to join our growing team. In this position, you will play a key role in managing all aspects of our restaurant. You will be expected to deliver a high-quality experience to our guests and motivate our staff to ensure and aim to deliver a great dining experience.

As a supervisor you will be responsible for maintaining quality and increasing profitability.
Management skills and a good understanding of guest and concept experience are a must.


  • Oversee front and back of the house restaurant and bar operations
  • Ensure guest experience satisfaction through promoting excellent servic
  • Respond to guest complaints tactfully and professionally
  • Maintain quality control for all food served
  • Analyze staff evaluations and feedback to improve the guest’ experienc
  • Project future needs for goods, kitchen supplies, and cleaning products; order accordingly
  • Generate weekly, monthly, and annual reports
  • Train new employees and provide ongoing training for all staf
  • Serve as a leader and example to the junior team


  • Significant work experience in the hospitality industry and in managemen
  • Positive attitude and aim to provide great communication skills
  • Front and back of house experience is a plus
  • Strong working knowledge of food and beverage service
  • Ability to use restaurant management software
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Decisive and critical thinker

We offer extensive ongoing training and tasting programs for our staff in order to keep our teams on top of their game. Besides the training we offer excellent opportunities to grow.